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Winnipeg Snow Hauling: Clearing for Parking Lots, Malls, Businesses & More

At Burmey Building Ltd, we can do more than simply clear a path through the snow – we can transport the snow off your land in order to give you a safe, tidy property. Each winter since 1996, clients have relied on us for snow hauling in the Winnipeg region.

trucks for snow hauling

Large Trucks for Snow Hauling

Not only do we have snowplows and Bobcats, our fleet includes large trucks for hauling. When we transport snow off of your property, you’ll be free of the unsightly piles of dirty snow that hang around for months on end. For parking lots with limited space or businesses who want to maintain a professional image for clients, this is a crucial service. We can also do spring cleaning and move away the piles of snow that have accrued over the winter months.

Don’t let snow accumulate on your property all winter! We have a large team and a fleet of professional equipment, and we’ll provide the solution for any snow problems. Call Burmey Building Ltd today.

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