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Winnipeg Snow Management: Sanding & Salting for Roads & Sidewalks

In addition to snow removal, Burmey Building Ltd provides additional options to make roads, driveways and sidewalks safer during the winter. For clients in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, we provide sanding and salting services to help make snow more manageable.

salted road


By laying sand on roads, we can increase cars’ traction and make it safer to drive. This is particularly crucial for areas like hills, intersections, curves, stop signs and school zones, where it’s particularly imperative that drivers be able to manoeuvre their vehicles with maximum precision.


Salt lowers water’s freezing point, meaning that applying salt to ice and snow can make it melt. This makes it a valuable tool in winter, since it can help to keep roads driveable and pavement walkable. We can salt after snowfall to improve road conditions, or we can preemptively lay salt in advance of a storm.

Make sure that your facility is safe and accessible this winter! Call Burmey Building Ltd for all of your sanding and salting needs.

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