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Spring Cleaning in Winnipeg: Street Sweeping and Debris Clearing

What happens in the spring, after the snow turns to slush and melts away? More often than not, the newly exposed streets are covered in months’ worth of mud, grime and dirt. This can be unsightly, and your business will look unwelcoming if the concrete outside is filthy. For your spring cleaning, contact Burmey Building Ltd. Once the winter is over, we help Winnipeg clients clean their streets, parking lots and paths.

No More Snow

Ask us about snow removal, salting, sanding and more

Our Elgin Sweeper Clears Away Dirt

We use an Elgin Pelican broom sweeper for our heavy-duty street sweeping. This large-scale power sweeper will shift compacted debris and stubborn muck. We’ll quietly and efficiently make your roads and parking lot look pristine.

If you own a commercial or industrial facility, we can clear the street outside come springtime. We can sweep your lot and make your facility the cleanest on the block. Once the warmer weather arrives, place a call to Burmey Building Ltd and put an end to the grime of winter.

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